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Dr. Paul Martin, Consultant/Trainer:

Dr. Martin has been trained as a forensic psychiatrist. He received his medical degree from the University of Des Moines, served his psychiatry residency at Case Western University and his fellowship in psychiatry at Syracuse University. Dr. Martin has served as a staff psychiatrist at the Binghamton Psychiatric Center, Binghamton, N.Y. and psychiatrist in charge of a 12 bed psychiatric unit composed of high risk and/or difficult to manage patients. Additionally, he has been psychiatrist in charge of a large psychiatric emergency/crisis center.


Dr. Martin currently serves as a mental health consultant to business, social service, schools, police, parole, probation and other agencies concerning mental health issues in the workplace. He is certified in mediation and arbitration. His background as a psychiatrist brings a qualified perspective to solving mental health issues in the workplace.​

For more information, click HERE for an abbreviated resume.

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